My personal experience with Tri-Vita ! SUB-LINGUAL B-12

by Noel T Brown, Independent Trivita Business Owner

Being in the personal health industry as a trainer I've always been seeking products that would aid my clients in reaching their goals. Over the years I've heard constituents mention that they were on the way to their physician to receive a B-12 shot! They were excited and were expecting that it was going to make a large improvement in their well-being! The thought of going to get a shot with a needle didn't appeal to me and surmised it wouldn't appeal to my clientele. Then I discovered Dr Libby’s Sublingual B-12 and decided to give it a try. Well I've been taking a variety of vitamins for years and never noticed any significant results, but within 10 minutes or less of slipping a tablet under my tongue a feeling of calmness and serenity occurred, like a dark cloud that I didn't realize existed, was removed!


Over the last few years I had been suffering from prostate problems, (frequent urination), getting up 5 or 6 times a night to relieve and interrupting my sleep so that I was tired and foggy during the day. I had tried many teas, tablets and formulas that were supposed to be the ultimate cure- all for this problem and nothing worked! So I gave Tri-Vita’s PROSTATE HEALTH FORMULA the opportunity and I'm SLEEPING NORMALLY!

CONCLUSION-Inspect my web sites and and notice that I have no other advertisements because I won't advertise or recommend just any product that claims to be the answer but inevitability fall short! TRI-VITA PRODUCTS DELIVER!


Losing weight and getting into shape is the goal of many of our students and we would like to have you all participate at our location in California with us, of course it's not practical because of logistics but you can invest in the TRI-VITA Leanology Family of Products and coupled with a moderate increase in exercise and a low-calorie diet will lose weight.


In a major study directed by Arizona State University, USA, people taking Leanology CAPSULES lost 76% more body weight and 132% more body fat than those who didn't take it.